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There are two ways to advertise on

  1. Using Google AdWords' placement targeting feature

  2. Advertise with us directly

Using Google AdWords' Placement Targeting Feature

If you visit the web pages on our site, you should see a number of ad units with the label "Ads by Google". These ads are provided by Google's AdWords system. Through the placement targeting feature of Google AdWords, you can create ads specifically for and display them on specific Google ad units that appear on our web site. If you would like your ads to be seen by all users of our web site, you can target all Google ad units on our web site; if you would like your ads to be seen by the readers of our SMS tutorial only, you can just target the Google ad units in our SMS tutorial.

Here is a summary of the features of Google AdWords:

Cost. How much to spend is up to you. You have a high level of control over your spending. For example, if you set the daily budget as US$10, you will not be charged more than US$10 each day. You can log in to your Google AdWords account to change your budget and spending at any time. However, since ad unit space is limited, ads compete with each other for ad unit space based on factors such as the bid, clickthrough rate and landing page quality. If you choose a popular and prominent Google ad unit, you may have to enter a higher bid to increase the chance that your ad will be displayed.

How are placement-targeted ads priced? Placement-targeted ads can take cost-per-click (CPC) pricing or cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) pricing.

Media format. It can be text, image or video.

Geotargeting. You can target your ads to users that are located in a certain country. For example, you may tell Google AdWords to show your ads only to users in the United States. However, if the country settings are too restrictive, Google AdWords may tell you that our web site is not available for placement targeting. Try adding more countries if you encounter this problem.

Detailed statistics. You can log in to your Google AdWords account to check the statistics of your ads such as the number of impressions, number of clicks, cost, etc.

Conversion tracking. Google AdWords provides tools to help you measure and track conversions of your ads.

More information about Google AdWords and placement targeting can be found from the Google AdWords Help Center and specifically the section about placement targeting. If you encounter a problem, you may contact the Google AdWords support team or contact us using the form at the bottom of this web page.

Advertising with Us Directly

If Google AdWords does not satisfy your need, you can contact us to discuss a custom solution. This is suitable to advertisers who concern less about clicks and more about the visibility of their brand names and products to potential customers.

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