6. User Agent Profile / UAProf Reference -- PushCharacteristics Component

The PushCharacteristics component of User Agent Profile / UAProf provides information about the WAP Push capabilities of the mobile device. For example, character encodings supported, character sets supported, content types / MIME types supported and maximum WAP Push message size.

The following table lists some base attributes of the PushCharacteristics component as specified in the UAProf schema. A description and some examples are provided for each base attribute. Note that a user agent profile may not include all attributes listed below.

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UAProf Attribute / Property




The Push-Accept attribute states the MIME media types that can be placed in the message body of WAP Push messages.



The Push-Accept-AppID attribute states the application IDs supported by WAP Push.

"*" means all applications are supported.



The Push-Accept-Charset attribute contains a list of character sets supported by WAP Push messages.



The Push-Accept-Encoding attribute states the transfer encodings supported by WAP Push messages. The transfer encoding names can be found at IANA's website.



The Push-Accept-Language attribute states the language preference of the user for WAP Push messages.

The items are listed in order of preference. For example, the first list item is the most preferred language.



The Push-MaxPushReq attribute states the maximum number of WAP Push requests that the mobile device is capable to deal with.



The Push-MsgSize attribute states the maximum WAP Push message size (in bytes) supported by the mobile device.


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