6. Intra-operator SMS Messages

If both you and your friend are using the mobile phone service of the same wireless network operator, the transmission of an SMS message from you to your friend will involve only one wireless network operator. This SMS message is called an intra-operator SMS message.

Typically, the cost for sending an intra-operator SMS message from a mobile phone is lower than that for sending other kinds of SMS messages such as inter-operator SMS messages. Some wireless network operators allow their subscribers to send unlimited intra-operator SMS messages free of charge.

6.1. Transmission Process of Intra-operator SMS Messages

The transmission of an intra-operator SMS message involves only one SMS center. After leaving the sender, the intra-operator SMS message reaches the SMS center. The SMS center then delivers the SMS message to the recipient mobile phone. If the recipient mobile phone is offline, the SMS center stores the SMS message. It will deliver the SMS message when the recipient mobile phone is online. If the SMS message's validity period expires and the recipient mobile phone is still offline, the SMS center will remove the SMS message.

When the SMS center receives the message delivery report from the recipient mobile phone or removes the SMS message (for example, when the validity period expires), it sends a status report to the sender if the sender requested one earlier.

The following figure illustrates the transmission process of an intra-operator SMS message:

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