1. WMLScript WMLBrowser Standard Library Quick Reference

WMLScript's WMLBrowser standard library provides a group of functions to control the WML browser or to get information from it.

WMLScript Quick Reference: Functions in the WMLBrowser Standard Library


Returns the URL of the current card displayed in the WML browser.


Returns the value of the WML variable variable_name.


var wmlscript_variable = WMLBrowser.getVar("wml_variable");


Goes to the card with URL address url.




Clears all WML variables and the URL history stored in the WML browser.


Goes to the previous card displayed in the WML browser.


Refreshes the contents of the current card displayed in the WML browser.

setVar(variable_name, value)

Assigns value to the WML variable variable_name.


WMLBrowser.setVar("wml_variable", "Hello World");

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