11. WML Anchor Links

Anchor links enable the navigation between different WML cards. If you select an anchor link, you will be brought to another WML card in the current deck or in another deck.

The <anchor></anchor> tag pair is used to create an anchor link. It is used together with tags such as <go/> and <prev/>, which tell WAP browsers what to do when a user selects the anchor link. <go/> and <prev/> should be enclosed within the <anchor></anchor> tags, like this:

  <go href="..." ... />


Like HTML, WML uses a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to refer to the location of a WML file or a card in a deck. The href attribute of the <go/> tag is used to specify the URL. Both absolute and relative URLs are accepted. URLs in WML have the same form as those in HTML. Here is the general form of an absolute URL in WML:


The protocol used in WML URLs is HTTP. The reason is that WAP gateways request WML files from ordinary web servers using the HTTP protocol, although wireless devices communicate with WAP gateways using WAP protocols.

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