2. Publishing WAP 1.x / WAP 2.0 Content over the Mobile Internet

The steps for publishing WAP 1.x or WAP 2.0 content over the mobile Internet are very straightforward:

  1. Install and configure a web server as if you were setting up a web site.

  2. Make sure the MIME types of WAP 1.x and WAP 2.0 documents have been set up properly in the configuration file of the web server.

  3. Place your WAP 1.x and WAP 2.0 documents in the web server as if they were ordinary web documents.

  4. Start the web server.

  5. Make sure the web server is connected to the wired Internet.

That's it. If anyone wants to visit your WAP site over the mobile Internet, he/she will type the URL address of your WAP site in a WAP browser. The WAP browser will then download the WAP page and display it on the screen. (Note that a user has to follow the instructions provided by the mobile network operator to configure the settings of the mobile phone before he/she can access your WAP site.)

For example, if you want to view the helloWorldEg1.xhtml document of our XHTML MP tutorial on a mobile phone, you will type http://www.developershome.com/examples/wap/xhtmlmp/helloWorldEg1.xhtml in the WAP browser.

If you have not registered a domain name for your WAP site, you can specify the IP address of your WAP server as the host part of the URL. For example, let's say the IP address is To visit the WAP site, you will enter on a WAP browser.

As mentioned before, if you are creating a secure WAP application like mobile banking, you need to consider whether to set up your own WAP gateway to ensure maximum security.

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