The model Parameter -- Specifying the Model of the Mobile Phone

The model parameter specifies the model of the mobile phone. Gnokii needs this information to decide which driver should be used to communicate with the mobile phone.

Suppose your mobile phone is Nokia 6021, you should specify 6021 to the model parameter in Gnokii's configuration file, like this:

model = 6021

The mobile phone models that can be assigned to the model parameter can be found in the table in "Mobile Phone Models Supported by Gnokii". From the table, you can see that both Nokia 6021 and Nokia 6510 belong to the same phone family that uses the nk6510 driver. So, setting the model parameter to 6510 also works:

model = 6510

If you are using a Symbian mobile phone (not necessarily from Nokia) and would like Gnokii to connect to it through the gnapplet driver, you should specify series60 to the model parameter in Gnokii's configuration file:

model = series60

If you would like Gnokii to connect to your mobile phone through the AT driver, you should specify the value AT to the model parameter. For example, Nokia 6021 supports AT commands. So, you can specify either 6021 or AT to the model parameter:

model = AT

AT mode is the only choice available for mobile phones that are not from Nokia and not running Symbian OS.

If you cannot find your mobile phone in the "Mobile Phone Models Supported by Gnokii" section, it is still possible that Gnokii can operate with your mobile phone. Many mobile phones these days support AT commands. Try "model = AT" and test whether Gnokii can operate with your mobile phone in AT mode (see "Testing Gnokii on Linux").

Another way is to go to the "Mobile Phone Models Supported by Gnokii" section to see if a similar mobile phone model is supported by Gnokii. For example, let's say Nokia 6021 is not mentioned in that section but you find Nokia 6020, which is a similar model of Nokia 6021. You can specify 6020 to the model parameter in Gnokii's configuration file and then test whether Nokia 6021 works with this setting.

If you cannot find a mobile phone model that is similar to the one you are using, try each of Gnokii's drivers to see if any of them is able to work with your mobile phone. The key drivers supported by Gnokii are nk2110, nk3110, nk6100, nk6160, nk6510 and nk7110. They correspond to the mobile phone models Nokia 2110, Nokia 3110, Nokia 6110 (note that it is 6110 here, not 6100 as in the driver name nk6100), Nokia 6160, Nokia 6510 and Nokia 7110 respectively.

We suggest you to try each of the drivers in the following order, since the number of Nokia mobile phones supported by nk6510 is the highest, nk6100 comes the second, etc. Besides, recently released Nokia mobile phones often use the protocol of the nk6510 driver.

1. model = 6510

2. model = 6110

3. model = 7110

4. model = 3110

5. model = 6160

6. model = 2110

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