18.3. Using a Short URL for the WAP Home Page

As you all know, typing words using the number pad of a mobile phone is time-consuming. You should remember to keep the URL of your WAP home page short. Ways to keep the URL short includes:

  1. Making good use of a sub-domain. For example, use "http://wap.somedomain.com/" instead of "http://www.somedomain.com/wap/". To make the URL even shorter, you can use "http://somedomain.com/".

  2. Using the same URL as both the web site and WAP site. For example, use "http://www.somedomain.com/" or "http://somedomain.com/" instead of "http://www.somedomain.com/wap/" as the home page of your WAP site. If a HTTP request is sent from a mobile device, the WAP version of your site will be forwarded to the client, otherwise the web version of your site will be forwarded.

  3. Setting the default document of your web server, so that the user can type "http://wap.somedomain.com/" instead of "http://wap.somedomain.com/index.xhtml". The pre-set default document is index.html / index.htm or default.html / default.htm for most web servers. One way is to change the default document to a file with the ".xhtml" extension such as index.xhtml and default.xhtml. Another way is to save your WAP home page as index.html, index.htm, default.html, or default.htm. (As mentioned earlier in this tutorial, an XHTML MP document can use the ".html" or ".htm" file extension.)

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