19.5. Checking Whether the Conversion of a String into an Integer is Possible: isInt() Function

The isInt() function is used to check whether the conversion of a string into an integer is possible. The actual conversion should be done by the parseInt() function, which will be described in the next section.

The syntax of isInt() is:


isInt() returns true if string can be converted into the integer type, otherwise it returns false. If there are any errors, the function returns invalid. The + (optional) and - character are used to represent positive and negative values respectively.

The following WMLScript example demonstrates the behavior of the isInt() function:

u = Lang.isInt("100");
v = Lang.isInt("   100    ");
w = Lang.isInt("+100");
x = Lang.isInt("-100");
y = Lang.isInt("WMLScript Tutorial");
z = Lang.isInt(true);

After executing the above script, the variables u to x have the Boolean value true while y and z have the Boolean value false.

Note that if the WMLScript interpreter encounters a non-numeric character in string, it will check if the characters before the non-numeric character form a valid integral value. If yes, the isInt() function will still return true, like this:

x = Lang.isInt("100abc");
y = Lang.isInt("100.999");
z = Lang.isInt(100.8);

After the execution of the above lines of code, the variables x to z contain the Boolean value true.

19.6. Converting a String to an Integer: parseInt() Function

The parseInt() function is used to convert a string to an integer. Its syntax is:


If string cannot be converted to the integer type or if there are any errors, parseInt() returns an invalid value.

The following WMLScript examples demonstrate the behavior of the parseInt() function:

x = Lang.parseInt("100");
y = Lang.parseInt("   100    ");
z = Lang.parseInt("+100");

After executing the above script, the variables x to z have the integral value 100.

z = Lang.parseInt("-100");

After executing the above script, z has the integral value -100.

x = Lang.parseInt("WMLScript Tutorial");
y = Lang.parseInt(true);

After executing the above script, both x and y have the invalid value.

x = Lang.parseInt("100abc");
y = Lang.parseInt("100.999");
z = Lang.parseInt(100.8);

After executing the above script, the variables x to z have the integral value 100.

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