17.6. Manipulating Elements in Strings

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The String standard library provides a number of functions for manipulating elements in a string. In WMLScript, a string can be broken into different substrings using a delimiter and each of these substrings is called an element. This is illustrated in the following example. Let's consider the string below:

"WAP tutorials: WML tutorial, WMLScript tutorial"

If the comma is specified as the delimiter, then there are two elements in the above string:

"WAP tutorials: WML tutorial"
" WMLScript tutorial"

If the space character is specified as the delimiter, then there are six elements:


The String standard library provides five functions to help us manipulate elements in a string. The five functions are:

  • elements()

  • elementAt()

  • insertAt()

  • removeAt()

  • replaceAt()

These five functions can also be used to simulate arrays in WMLScript. You can learn how this can be done in the "Arrays in WMLScript" section shortly.

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