20.3. Extracting the Query String of an URL: getQuery() Function

The getQuery() function helps us extract the query string of an URL. Its syntax is:


If there is no query string in url, getQuery() returns an empty string. If any error occurs, getQuery() returns invalid. For example, if url is not an URL or if the syntax of url is not correct, invalid is returned.

The following WMLScript example demonstrates the use of the getQuery() function:

w = URL.getQuery("http://www.developershome.com/");
x = URL.getQuery("http://www.developershome.com/tutorial_eg.asp?q1=abc&q2=123");
y = URL.getQuery("tutorial_eg.asp?q1=abc&q2=123");
z = URL.getQuery("tutorial_eg.asp?q1=abc&q2=123#card1");

After the execution of the above WMLScript code, w contains an empty string while x, y and z have the string value "q1=abc&q2=123".

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