4.4. Comments in WMLScript

There are two types of comments in WMLScript: single-line comment and multi-line comment. To add a single-line comment, begin a line of text with the // characters. To add a multi-line comment, enclose the text within /* and */. These rules are the same in WMLScript, JavaScript, Java, and C++. The WMLScript engine will ignore all comments. The following WMLScript example demonstrates the use of comments:

extern function helloWorld()
  // This is a single-line comment.

  /* This is a
     multi-line comment. */

  /* A multi-line comment can be placed on a single line. */

  WMLBrowser.setVar("message", "Hello World. Welcome to our WMLScript tutorial.");
  WMLBrowser.refresh(); // A comment can be placed at a statement's end.

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